I give you clarity of thought through transformational
mentoring to create your own future

Neil McCoy-Ward, is a Transformational Mentor, Allowing Clients to Achieve Breakthrough Results in even the most Competitive of Spaces

Clients choose to work with Neil for his direct, hardline, ‘no-nonsense’ approach to success and achievement.

Unlike many Mentors, Neil has himself built a number of successful companies over the years (Forward Thinking Group UK). Because he started from nothing and has walked the path himself, his experiences make him so well placed to guide you to success in your life…

Clients seek Neil as their Mentor for the life changing and transformational results he is able to help them to implement through the gritty hard work required: “Anyone not interested in hard work need not apply; this program is not for lazy people looking for a mythical ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ vehicle.”

This program is only for those willing to put in the work to break through to a new life of SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT; and with Neil as your Mentor, you’re about to increase your chances by 99.9%

The 3 Ways YOU Can Work With Neil…

1. The 6 Month Mentoring Program

The 6 Month Mentoring Program is Neil’s flagship program.


Participants of the program have recorded remarkable breakthrough and transformational results in their lives. From already successful Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Media personalities right through to every day people wanting to get ahead in life… the results have been consistent for those who have followed Neil’s advice and put in the work required.

‘Any breakthrough you desire can be made possible through your participation in the Mentoring Program’


Successful applicants will receive:

– 90 Minutes (one on one) with Neil every month

– Access to Neil by phone (no limit)

– Access to Neil’s Digital Programs (Included)

– Access to Neil’s network


Competition for places is limited, with only the most committed being accepted into the program.

*Currently a waiting list for entry

2. Single Mentoring/Advice Session – £750

If you are eager to get started right away and do not want to wait on the waiting list for the 6 month Mentoring Program, then this is your next best option.

2 FULL HOURS, (one on one) with Neil McCoy-Ward. No interruptions, no distractions, just you and Neil working through your goals, dreams and smashing through that plateau to take your BUSINESS or LIFE GOALS to the next level.

Don’t have a business yet? Neil will help you to envision your ideal life, business, and PLAN for your success. For many it may be wanting to build a property portfolio but having a lot of confusion over exactly how to do it with the new Government tax laws. Neil will help you to plan exactly which property strategies will work best for you so that you can create your dream life in the next 6 months…

Have a business that isn’t as successful as you’d like? Neil will guide you to grow it successfully.

  • Waiting list 6-12 weeks

3. A FULL day with Neil – £4,995

Preparation, Implementation & Transformation Day

A day with Neil might just be the best investment you ever make…

Previous comments from clients who spent the day with Neil have included:

    • – “The best money I ever spent!”
    • – “He quite literally turned my entire business on it’s head within 8 hours, it was crazy”
    • – “He found the problem in our company that 4 consultants before him couldn’t figure out, it was pretty impressive”
  • – “He helped me to figure out what I wanted to do after I left the media spotlight”
  • – “He helped me to strengthen my brand and gave me some excellent contacts and referrals which I couldn’t have gotten myself”
  • – “The session paid for itself within the first hour from the new sales model he created for us”


Chris & Sheena

Background: Before starting the Mentoring Program, Chris was a fruit seller on Spitalfields Market & Sheena was an Estate Agent.

Results Achieved within first 6 months: 

  • Both Chris & Sheena left their 9-5 jobs which they didn’t enjoy
  • They moved from their house in Essex to a Mansion in Spain
  • Generated over £1/2m (£500,000) (Cash banked!)
  • In the process of setting up a Vegan Retreat in Spain
  • Using funds to invest into 5-10 UK rental properties with a minimum 10% ROI
  • Complete TIME freedom
  • Will NEVER work a 9-5 job again…


Background: Before starting the Mentoring Program, Dwayne was a new graduate working in a procurement role earning less than £20k PA.

Results Achieved within first 6 months: 

  • Dwayne was promoted at work into a senior management role
  • Set-up own property company turning over millions of pounds in sales
  • Generated thousands of pounds CASH per property deal sold
  • Has set-up his own training consultancy
  • Using his funds to invest into UK rental properties with a minimum 10% ROI
  • Had a beautiful ‘no expense spared’ wedding in Cyprus
  • Financial Freedom to live life on his terms


Background: Before starting the Mentoring Program, Tom was an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Assessor.

Results Achieved within first 6 months: 

  • Set-up a ‘Serviced Office’ block in Norfolk City Centre (using Neil’s ‘Rent To Rent’ model) with incredible profits!
  • Now has more than half a dozen streams of income
  • Using his funds to invest into UK rental properties with a minimum 10% ROI
  • Completed Property Joint Ventures (JVs) with business partners
  • Financial Freedom to live life on his terms